The Influence Board Pricing & Refund Policy

Pricing Information

The good news is that you pay nothing unless you secure the meeting you want!

When the meeting is secured and agreed to by the business leader, you will receive an invoice with the following fees:

(1) The Requested Donation Value disclosed on the executive profile

(2) A 17% Platform Fee covering use of The Influence Board platform

Refund Policy

Our goal is to make sure you have success, at minimal risk.  To that end, here is our generous refund policy.

You can get a full refund of the Donation Value and Platform Fee, if:

  1. The business leader never schedules the meeting they accepted.

  2. The meeting gets cut short and you had less than 30 minutes with the business leader

  3. There is a change in the employment, title or role of the business leader before you meet which negatively impacts your interest in the meeting.

  4. The business leader withdraws acceptance of the meeting before the meeting is held.

You can get a refund of the Donation Value, if you withdraw the meeting request after the business leader has accepted it.